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This is a companion site for "Essential Clinical Surgery". It has a photo archive and video archive to supplement the contents of the book. An option to clarify doubts and address queries to the author is available. A discussion forum allows for interaction between registered users.

The site is designed for use by students pursuing a career in the surgical field, as well as qualified surgeons. The information provided is for educational purposes only and there is no intention to offer any surgical treatment advice for individual patients. Prior registration is required to access some components. The contents of the website are copyright and prior permission should be obtained for any use except viewing.


Essential Clinical Surgery and Essential Clinical Surgery - Synopsis for dental students

1. Essential Clinical Surgery would appeal to undergraduate medical students, postgraduate residents in General Surgery, teaching faculty for MS and DNB courses and practicing surgeons. It is a single author, contemporary, full colour, soft cover clinical surgery book. The 2nd edition emphasizes the universally accepted method of eliciting an appropriate history, correct method of eliciting physical signs, currently relevant investigations to arrive at a diagnosis. Pitfalls and wrong methods of examination is represented in black and white figures. Rare and uncommon entities are indicated.

2. Essential Clinical Surgery - Synopsis for dental students would appeal to undergraduate dental students. It has been extracted from the parent publication "Essential Clinical Surgery " and includes only those topics relevant to the dental curriculum. The Second Edition is not yet released.


About Dr. Stanley Mathew

Dr. Stanley Mathew MS, DNB, FRCS Ed is a Professor at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, and has been teaching general surgery to undergraduate dental students, medical students and postgraduates in general surgery for more than a decade. He is an alumnus of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and is currently Professor and Chief of Unit VI.

His areas of special interest are :

  1. Clinical: Breast diseases and breast clinic
  2. Research: Spectroscopy for diagnosis of human cancers

His official correspondence address is :
214 Valley Flats
Kasturba Medical College
Manipal 576104
Udupi District, Karnataka State, India

Dr. Stanley Mathew is married to Dr.Weena Stanley (Varricatt) MD, MRCP (London) who is an alumnus of Kottayam Medical College and Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. She is currently Associate Professor in the Department of General Medicine at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Their child Emmanuel attends DePaul School, Mysore.


About Perumpallichera

The House of Perumpallichera is a renowned family of central Kerala. The first generation (late Cheriyad Varkey and late Thressia Varkey, Thekkekunnel) were agriculturists. The second generation (late Varkey Varghese and late Mary Varghese, Kochukudi Nampiaparambil) were the pioneers in introducing rubber cultivation in Kothamangalam taluk of Ernakulam district, Kerala. The third generation (late Varghese Mathew and Mrs.Santha Mathew,Chalissery) carried the traditions forward and pioneered the introduction of the latest technologies, agricultural practices and mechanization in their rubber and spices plantations. The fourth generation of the family now has five physicians, a dentist and a surgeon. Publishing is the most recent venture.